Alaska's Master of Imagination

Hyroc is different than the boys his age. This has earned him a place as an outcast and has even made people fear him. And nothing he does seems to make a difference. Still, he has been able to live a relatively normal life. But an accident shatters all this. Hunted by an enemy that will only stop with his death, he is forced to leave behind everything he has ever known. Alone and with no one to turn to for help, every day is a challenge to survive. Through his struggle he finds his way to a place where not everything he has been taught to believe is true. Inexplicable events surround him here and his past begins to be revealed. It’s what he always wanted, but as the answers unfold, it seems more is going on than he realized and one danger may have blinded him to another.

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Two years have passed since book 2. Hyroc is now 18 and has mastered the use of the Flame Claw. But despite his newfound powers, he is more vulnerable than ever. With the completion of his training, he is no longer protected by a Guardian, and Ursa has long since departed. Nevertheless, his unknown adversary is still out there, and Hyroc remains ignorant of the plot against him. The last two years have only heightened the suspicion and distrust that the villagers of Elswood hold toward him, and some are outright hostile. These behaviors solely focused on him have enveloped Donovan, Elsa, and Curtis. The charity and compassion they had initially received proceeding the spider attack have all but vanished. They are outcasts, living on the razor’s edge. Hyroc does what he can to help, but it’s not enough. Whether or not they can remain in Elswood weighs heavily on their minds. But even as they struggle to eke out a living in the forest, darkness gathers around them. Keller, The Ministry zealot that hunts Hyroc, has not forgotten about him and has not been idle. Quietly he has moved his pieces into position. It will take every ounce of strength for Hyroc and his friends to survive the coming storm, and everyone may not make it out of this alive.

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After surviving his encounter with a shadow demon, Hyroc now faces fear and suspicion from Elsa and Donovan. Kit hasn't been the same since the demon touched his mind, and Hyroc fears he never will be again. Things are rapidly spinning out of control, threatening to unravel his life in Elswood. The dreaded wilderness may end up becoming his only refuge, after all. But even as things become increasingly more dangerous for him, vital pieces of the puzzle of his past are revealed. He discovers strange and powerful abilities, some of which he had utilized unknowingly. He learns of his lineage, but as much as he has sought this knowledge, not all of it is what he wanted. Hyroc's life will never be the same and what does the future hold for him?

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